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About Us

We love to clean! Our goal is to simplify your life by doing the routine and/or extraordinary housekeeping chores that you cannot or do not want to do. We have an eye for detail and the ability and energy to make your home/ business sparkling clean. We organize “absolute disasters as well as provide routine cleaning and housekeeping. Simply tell us which rooms you want cleaned and we do it. We are ready to rescue you from housekeeping chores when you need us — you decide on a schedule that works best for you and your home.
All housekeepers are HIPPA trained and must pass a pre-employment background check. We speak and understand English and listen to customers’ requests so that we understand your preferences. You always have the same person at your home or office.

Our cleaning approach is a top-down one – from ceiling/wall corners to baseboards.
Items on table and horizontal surfaces are moved to clean underneath;
We move small/light furniture on a regular basis to get the areas behind and underneath clean.
If hand-dusting is preferred (vs.Swiffer) we hand-dust.
We are not afraid of getting “down and dirty” to achieve a clean house or office space.

The cleaning supplies we bring with us leave your house or office sparkling and smelling clean. (We do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals or mixtures or heavily floral scented products.) Most likely, the cleaning products you use are the same or similar to ones we use on a regular basis. We also use green cleaning products too. If you have a particular preference for us to use one of your cleaning products, we will gladly use it instead. We bring our own vacuum cleaner, microfiber mops and dusting cloths.

    • Rental & Homeowner Move-In/Move Out
    • Post-Construction Cleaning
    • Military Housing Final Inspection Cleaning
    • Heavy & Light Cleaning
    • Home & Clutter Organization
    • Recurring & One-Time
    • Experience Working With Seniors
    Cleaning & Maid Services Service by Housekeeper Heroes, Inc.